You have lots of questions -- We can provide answers

The modern small business must understand computers in addition to understanding his business and his customer's needs. These questions are only a sampling of all of the computer related issues a business has to deal with.


Is it time to replace my computers?
How can I use the web to increase business?
How does my business appear to today's web focused young customers?
Do they find me or my competitors?
Can they quickly find what they are looking for about my company?
How can I reduce my computer related costs?
What will it take to network my computers?
Should we install wireless?  How can we make it secure?
Why doesn't this work?

Some of Our Services

Web Presence Review

A web presence review from JDOA will show you just what your potential customers see when they look for your products and services on the web. It will provide recommendations for improving your placement in web searches. It will provide suggestions for making the information on your web site more accessible and more intuitive for the potential customer.

Web Site Creation, Design and Maintenance

Current and future customers are relying more and more on the web to locate vendors and acquire services. Your business web site is more important than your phone book ad. It can provide potential customers with an depth of information that is impossible to provide even in a full page ad. With a market basket capability it can generate sales. But a web site must be kept up to date with current information to maintain its effectiveness. JDOA can help you design and build a web site that reflects the unique benefits of doing business with you. And provide you with tools or services to keep it up to date with the latest information about sales or product availability.

Support for Transition to Linux and Open Source Applications

More and more businesses are recognizing the value of open source operating systems and applications. The emergence of the Linux operating system and associated open source applications, many free, adds to the complexity of owning and operating a cost-effective computer system appropiate to the needs of your company. Many mature open source offerings have no licensing fees and are easy to integrate. They are supported by large financial backing ensuring their continued availability and improvements. JDOA can provide the knowledge and experience to select the right open source tools for you, install them and train your staff in how to use them.

Internet Access Support

If your business needs access to the internet or needs to upgrade to faster access, JDOA can help pick the right approach for your business, identify the right hardware and software, perform or supervise the installation and provide all needed training.

PC Support

JDOA can provide hardware and software installation, repair and maintenance for your business computers. We can perform system upgrades, both hardware and software.

Custom Software Development

JDOA can provide custom development of business tools such as spreadsheets, shopping cart databases, user interactive web sites. More demanding software capabilities can be developed as shown on the Projects page.