Web Sites

Here are links to some of the websites we designed and maintain. Each site is designed to express the purpose, interests and capabilities of the represented organization. Let us design a web site that reflects your business or organization.


Memorial Christian Church


Russia with Love AA


Guild House


Past Projects

3D Modeling

A tool to simulate walking through a 3D representation of a building and interacting with the objects in the representation. Developed in the Perl language on Linux using OpenGL for the 3D engine.

Touch-Screen Database

A touch screen based system for displaying the steps in a number of complex manufacturing procedures to the workers at a small plant as they were building and testing the products. Built in Visual Basic on Windows 95.

Computer Performance Enhancement

Identified performance bottlenecks in a tool that presents 3D graphics of protein molecules to biochemistry students. The analysis resulted in a 3 fold speed-up. A Java web application.

Web Based Data Collection

Developed and enhanced several web sites that interact with a relational database to provide dynamic information and to collect information updates.